A long time ago in Southern Africa, early people accidently dropped raw meat into a fire and found out this meat was easier to chew. Experts say this is the early beginning of the Braai we know today.

Many years later the Braai has conquered a central place in the village where the food was prepared on an open fire by one person. Instead of cooking in their own house or hut, people gathered around the fire, chatting, telling stories.

Nowadays, a Braai is known as a social meeting where food is prepared on open fire. Friends and invites are more than welcome and most people bring something to eat. But the main principles from ancient times are still the same; gathering around the fire, chatting and telling stories. Once you’ve experienced a real Braai, you will never forget.


These are the principles and values we want to express in our venues. Spending time with friends and family, enjoying good food, cold drinks and local goods. We don’t have a typical South African kitchen; we use braai, barbecue and grilling techniques from all over the world in our dishes.

Come visit us and let Braai be your backyard!



Restaurant Westerpark

We have location Westerpark where you can sit down, relax and enjoy eating some proper barbecue all year round. In summer we have our sunny terrace and in the winter you can warm up in our cosy and intimate inside seating area.
You can also have most of our menu items delivered to the comfort of your home. We serve alcohol and take reservations.




This is where the adventure began in 2015. With a small cabin on Schinkelhavenkade, a relaxing terrace alongside the water and right opposite the lower Vondelpark. In the summer it’s really nice to enjoy a bite on our beautiful terrace. In the winter we focus on deliveries and take aways as we don’t have tables inside. Our shaded terrace is open from March until October. Please note that we are not allowed to serve alcohol here and don’t take reservations.

Catering & Events


You can order the deliciousness of Braai to the comfort of your own home, office or event. For delivery you can order through Thuisbezorgd or Uber Eats. All delivery services collect from all of our locations; Centrum, Rivierenbuurt, Vondelpark or Westerpark and bring it right to your doorstep. Check the menu availability on the Delivery page.

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